How To Write An Essay For College

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How To Write An Essay For College

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How to Write an Essay for College
While the average student spends days trying to condense years’ worth of hard work into a few hundred words, the admission officers spend less than five minutes reading each. The college essay might not be the most important part of the admission application, but it is one of the aspects that might sway the decision either way.
The ability to form and express your opinions clearly is what decides how your academic career in the college will be like. Some methods through which one can learn how to write exceptional college essays are given below.
Everybody wants to start with the story of a struggling boy who later turned out to be one of the greatest minds of the century; or by a quote from the very individual. Instead of adopting these hackneyed methods, try opening with a personal anecdote, preferably one that challenged you to explore your boundaries. This will not only give the reader a glimpse into your personality but also get their attention.
If you were the admission officer of the school you were applying to, would you want to accept a mediocre student with minimal abilities, or one who demonstrates exceptional creative and expressive potential? Be the type of student that you would want studying in your university, were you the admission officer of the same. This does not only apply to the college admission essay, but also to the e…

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