how single parenting affects children

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how single parenting affects children

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How Single Parenting Affects Children
Single parenting or single parenthood describes a situation where a parent is responsible for the bringing up of a child or children unaided without the support or the presence of the other partner. There are varied reasons for the single parenthood. Previously, single parenting was associated with broken homes or illegitimate children though the dynamics have changed and this is not the case currently (Demo et al. 15). Today numerous factors may contribute to single parenthood including individuals deciding to become single parents without any external factor but through sheer personal choice. Single parenting has effects on children who are brought up in such scenarios, and the impact may be negative or positive.
The positive influences of single parenting include the creation of a strong bond between the parent and the child. Spending a lot of time with the child creates a stronger relationship compared to the relationship that would have been created if the child was brought up in a nucleated family setup. Single parenting tends to influence the child by creating a strong sense of community since the children who are brought up by single parents tend to have many supporters. The child can interact with many people in the society who can shape his or her character into a responsible member of the society (Zalewski et al. 543). Children brought up around all the parents tend to influence parental conf…

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