How sea otters help save the planet?

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How sea otters help save the planet?

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Assignment X – Don’t be afraid of science
Did you view the video “Don’t be afraid of science?” Did it make sense to you? Did any of seem correct, in your experience, or not?
Yes, I did view the Video, I am not afraid of science, in fact, I like it because you can prove everything with fact, but unfortunately, I am not good about it.
How sea otters help save the planet?
Sea Otters help save the planet through trophic cascades. They are known as heavy eaters with demands of up to a third of their body weights every day meaning they eat approximately 11kgs every day. They feed on sea urchins and other animals of the sea. They help save the planet by reducing producers responsible for eating kelp. Kelps are large seaweeds that play a critical role in controlling different aspects of marine life. They are spawning ground for fish and are habitats for planktons. Sea Otters ensure that kelp forests thrive as a result of reducing sea urchins, shellfish and other animals that feed on kelp (McKie, 2016).
2-3 Look of the news feed, (look on the bottom of the “home” page in Canvas, and click on “#envs308murphy hashtag on Twitter”). Find a couple of articles that seem “sciencey” to you. Open them up and read them. Briefly summarize two of them, and write an open-ended response to it. What was it about? What did you think about it? What was the “science” in it, and how did you feel reading/thinking about it…

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