How does passion play a part in success

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How does passion play a part in success

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How Passion Play a Part in SuccessPassion refers to the strong interest in pursuing a certain objective such as a hobby or a specific activity (Vallerand, 7). In the modern day world, many successful people have pinpointed towards success as the most powerful attribute that can drive a person towards success. Many people, especially the youths within our societies have asked whether being passionate in life can bring success to a person. In most inspirational forums that have occurred recently, many people have asked about the secrets of being successful in life. However, most speakers have always provided one common answer, “Love your work.” This shows how passion is truly a great factor that has led to the success of great people such as Steve Jobs at Apple, Larry page at Google and many other successful people that exist in the world. With such a high number of people attributing their success on their passion, it is correct to say that passion is such a great force, which can unleash creativity in an individual because if a person is passionate about something, then he or she will be more willing to take risks. This paper is going to discuss the roles in which the concept of passion creates an impact on the lives of people.
Most people around the world assume that success is defined by being wealthy and having lots of fame. However, this is not true, since success is not just about wealth, but an achievement that one gets from s…

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