Hospital Strategic planning

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Hospital Strategic planning

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Hospital Strategic Planning
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The flow of cash in every organization is very important, and it determines whether there is progress that occurs in that organization. Some of the important factors that should be looked into by the management are the strategic planning of the hospital are, for instance, the hospital should ensure that are limited leakages that are experienced on the finances that are poorly used in the organization. For that matter, the organization should be much concerned with the important factors that are beneficial to the firm. The organization should also ensure that it pleases the employees by providing them with better salary payment to act as a motivating factor for them to work as required of them. And also the hospital should spend most of their capital on acquiring the qualified physicians who can offer the best services to the patients hence attracting most patients to the hospital and the result in good cash flow in the hospital.Key words: Cash flow, Planning, leakages, Motivate.
Cash flow in the hospital setting has been very limited. The limitation of the cash flow in the healthcare setting is as a result of the orders and purchases made in advance for the materials that are used in the hospital and other forms of mismanagements. And since the level of cash inflow does not match the cash outflow that had occurred, for instance, the number of those who are undergoing medication are fewer, and they pay ve…

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