Horse Carriage Rides in New York City

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Horse Carriage Rides in New York City

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Why Horse Carriage Rides in New York City should be banned. Horse carriage rides are wonderful mode of transport that has widely been used in the US and other nations including the UK. The carriage rides are known for the good experience that they pose to users. The carriages remain a flexible and valued mode of transport at the central park in the US. Many people prefer using the mode of transport when adventuring parks or visiting recreational centers. They use the carriages because they enable effective view of nature and the diverse valuables in the environment. Using them gives people the opportunity to see everything around them and experience a good feel of adventuring the parks (Momberg 1). For instance, the carriages enable park visitors to see various types of animals both wild and domestic including other attractive artifacts in expansive areas.
Over the years, horse carriages have been credited for enabling people to experience the beauty of parks especially the central park. Besides that, the horse carriages have been used to facilitate various socio-economic activities. The activities include ferrying of tourists, facilitation of wedding ceremonies by transporting the wedding party and other officials. For instance, there are people who prefer using the carriages as the official mode of transport due to their comfort ability and natural beauty they present. Additionally, other people use the carriages to stroll around the major cities while having a clear view o…

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