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The holocaust refers to the mass killing of Jews in Nazi Germany. Hitler was faulting Jews for the plight of Germans. He rose to power using propaganda and racism. As such, he promised his people hope to the detriment of blaming millions of others (Rosenberg 145). Hitler and his allies changed the constitution to suit their stranglehold on power. As such, he got his means and almost wiped out an entire community. It is stated that throughout the period prior to World War 2, Hitler killed over 6 million Jews. The holocaust was a planned activity.
I think the holocaust was planned since it involved mass killings of an entire race of people. Anti-Semitism was the forefront of the holocaust. Many collaborators in Europe assisted the killings since the ordinary civilians were against the Jews and the gypsies (Rosenberg 147). Anyone of Semitic origin was deemed as an enemy. Hitler attributed diseases and poverty to the Jews whose wealth he took away. The sole responsibility for the deaths lies in Hitler’s hands, but other people contributed as well.
Some other people say that the holocaust was not a planned activity. People think that the killings were impulsive actions. However, you need to ask yourself a simple question, how come killing centers existed in the Germany-occupied Poland? The killings were not to be mentioned anywhere in public as directed by Hitler (Rosenberg 150). Documenting the events was treasonous in the …

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