Hitler vs Stalin

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Hitler vs Stalin

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Hitler vs. Stalin
Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, two very brutal men, belonging to an extremely brutal period, were similar yet very different from one another. These two figures clashed on the Eastern European frontier of the Second World War, which resulted in one of the bloodiest battlefields in human history, with the loss of nearly a 30 million lives during the conflict (Krivosheev 304). Both, in spite of being considered by ruthless murderers by the majority, are often looked upon and worshiped as exceptional leaders by a few cult followers. Hence, it would be interesting to look at the lives of the both the men and their influences in the professional and personal spheres that make them stand out in the history of the modern age.
The Soviet leader Joseph Stalin ruled with an iron fist. Deporting, torturing and devastating his rivals wherever they were to be found. Born on December 17th, 1878, he was an exceptionally talented politician, who was feared by his rivals for his ruthless ways and tacit political maneuvers that left his enemies in the political wilderness with little support. As the leader of the USSR, he often implemented economic and social reforms that transformed the economy of his country (Wettig 285). The brutal methods often used by Stalin also helped in modernization and industrialization of the USSR, which had become significantly weakened due to the devastation caused t…

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