History of the prisons in the United States

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History of the prisons in the United States

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History of Prisons in the United States
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History of Prisons in the United States
Prisons and corrections facilities in the United States have undergone a series of transformational processes to make it function more effectively. Imprisonment is one of the most common options presented before the court for dealing with people who have committed criminal offenses. Being an emerging country, the United States has also aimed to provide rehabilitation of offenders as some form of criminal punishment practices before the American Revolution. Penal incarcerations were the most common means of punishment that has been considered in England during the early 1500s. This paper would shed light on different aspects of developments in the United States prison system and would evaluate the effectiveness of punishments given to offenders.
History of the United States Prison Systems
From the very inception of North American colonization era, the purpose of these imprisonment facilities changed drastically after penitentiary movement all across the globe. The purpose of these facilities was also subjected to scientific and political development during the course of the US history. The Jacksonian, Reconstruction, and Progressive era have notable reforms as part of imprisonment and infrastructure development. Nevertheless, the very status quo of penal incarcerations has remained the core mechanism for criminal proceeding…

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