history of ballet

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history of ballet

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History of Ballet
Ballet refers to a form of art that is expressed through graceful dance movement of the human body with solemn music playing in the background. It is widely accepted all over the world as one of the most entertaining forms of artistic dance and cherished by people of all ages and from all social classes (Wilcox n.p.). It is usually performed in a theatrical set up. Costumes, lighting and scenic designs characterize the performance. Depending on the type of ballet dance, ballet can express thoughts, concept, emotions or tell a story. Ballet also arouses various perceptions from the audience members; it can either be perceived as exciting, magical, disturbing or provoking.
Origin of Ballet
The word ballet is derived from the Italian word “Balletto” which means to jump about or dance. It dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries when it started out as a form of entertainment for the aristocrats. From Italy, it spread to France and later transformed into a concert dance in Russia and France. King Louis XIV established the first ballet professional company, that is, Académie Royale de Musique (Dance Facts n.p.). In those early days, the dress code of the ballerinas consisted of jewelry that weighed them down, headdresses, masks, and costumes made of many layers of silk sewed together. As a result of all these clothing items the dancers had to wear at the time, their movements were not as graceful as they are to…

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