Historical Issue Of Secession Prior To The Civil War

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Historical Issue Of Secession Prior To The Civil War

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Secession is the withdrawal of a group or organization of people from a larger group, political entity, union, organization or military alliance. America’s Confederate states were formed by 11 southern states from the U.S, which was a historical secession that took place before the civil war. The underlying issues of secession were based on socio-political factors at the time. There existed disagreements over tariffs, state rights and the legality of slave ownership. The southerners wanted to preserve the institution of slavery. Slave ownership had become a culture of the southerners and hence they felt that the Union was soon going to undermine their activities as the slaves were the major source of labor in their agricultural activities. Taxation and tariffs also contributed to the secession of the 11 states.
Historical debate
As the United States acquired more states to the west, the southern states started to panic on whether slave ownership would be allowed in the newly acquired territories. The southern states feared that it was only a matter of time before addition of non-slave holding states would make the government abolish slavery (Turley, Par. 3). It was also apparent that the northern states were going to establish businesses and factories in the new territories, but they could not freely move to the new territories. They feared that if they moved to the new territories, their slaves could be free, and it is them …

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