Hinduism ‘“ Buddhism Paper

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Hinduism ‘“ Buddhism Paper

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Buddhism and Hinduism Concept Comparison: Karma
Every religion and philosophy have its set of rules their followers must abide to be considered as part of them. Hence, every system of beliefs revolves around the notion that humans need a set of rules to suppress their instincts, making possible the coexistence of humans living in the same geographical space. Besides, given the fact that both beliefs were born in the same area and shared a substrate says much about the possible links between them. Nevertheless, although Buddhism was born in the Indian Subcontinent, it was not able to able to extend deep roots into its society as the Brahmanism had a powerful hold on the population. Moreover, the revival of Brahmanism and the political difficulties of Buddhist kingdoms to control large Hindu populations were factors that contributed to its decline (Jaini 183).
Conversely, despite its lack of acceptance in the subcontinent, Buddhism flourished widely in the rest of Asia. Therefore, given the importance of the Hinduism in the early Buddhism, along with the use of Vedic concepts that served as a philosophical substratum in the development of the teachings of Siddhartha Gotama, the concept of Karma surface. Thus, Karma as a concept reflects the nature of change, consequences and the underlying patterns of things (Harvey 26). Although Karma has permeated Western thought, turning into an often misinterpreted commonplace in contemporary…

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