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Hezbollah as Perpetrator of Terrorism and Organized Crime
“Hezbollah as Perpetrator of Terrorism and Organized Crime”
Religious and political groups in Arab countries are always intertwined with terrorism and organized crime, because of their activities and anti-West sentiment. Hezbollah is one of the Islamist groups linked to terrorist activities and organized crimes. Emerging as a resistant group, Hezbollah was now regarded by many countries as “dangerous” terrorist group. This paper traces the brief history of Hezbollah and how it became a perpetrator of terrorism and organized crime throughout the ages.
Brief History of Hezbollah
Hezbollah was believed to be established in 1982 after the “Operation Peace for Galilee” was ratified by the government of Israel. This launched operation had 5 national security objectives: 1. eradicate the threat of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in the northern border of Israel; 2. annihilate the infrastructures of PLO found in Lebanon; 3. eliminate the presence of Syrian military at Bekaa Valley. Further, to reduce the influence of this Syrian military in Lebanon; 4. Establish a stable government in Lebanon; and 5. Strengthen the position of Israel in West Bank (Mendoz & Lewin, 2013, p. 3).
This attempt of the Israel government to bring national security was not favored by all, especially the Shiite heads based in Lebanon. As a matter of fact, some of the leaders “favored and advoc…

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