Henry Kissinger Tacit Sino-American Alliance

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Henry Kissinger Tacit Sino-American Alliance

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Henry Kissinger Tacit Sino-American Alliance
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Henry Kissinger Tacit Sino-American Alliance
Tacit Sino-American Alliance was the diplomatic relation amongst China and the United States aimed at influencing power balance across the world. There was an existence of continuous cold he US and the Soviet Union over several decades. The US being a pro-West nation while the Soviet Union a pro-East nation. Initially, there existed unity among the two countries and weakened with time attributed to differences in economic interest and influence of the world’s politics. There was much power balance between China and United States. The two nations strongly stood together against the Soviet Union, which supported a communist ideology, known as Tacit Alliance. The Alliance consequently led to termination of the cold war and the breakup of the Soviet Union. There were several diplomatic relations held between the US and China, the leaders Richard Nixon and Zhou respectively.
Historic records of Richard Nixon-Zhou Enlai
At the dawn of 1972, Richard Nixon had an amazing visit to the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The trip was critically important in the history of Sino-America and was based on critical issues as Taiwan during the normalizations of diplomatic relations being the first US president to pay a visit to China; Nixon played a key role and position in initiating a diplomatic dialogue together with the P…

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