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I think that Marlene may be experiencing a crisis in her life that is similar to the one experienced in Quarter-life. She may be losing confidence in herself, and at her age, there is a lot of pressure on her to deliver and succeed in life. She seems to be much anxious about what will happen next and gets a low self-esteem. Marlene is also suffering from emotional stress when she is settling on the campus. Things may have panned out in a different way that she expected. This is difficult for a young girl to take as it comes with a lot of pressure (Martin 17). Some of these things have happened to a friend of mine who upon graduating from high school realized that he could have gotten better grades. He became stressed as he acknowledged the passage of time.
Marlene can make herself busy at the university by attending clubs and sports to help ease her tension. With time, she will find herself reaching most of her goals and performing well in class. Moreover, she will get to meet new people and improve her social life. It is often difficult to confront someone like Marlene as she deems you as judgmental towards her. Hence, they become very aggressive and seemingly refuse any forms of help, (Urquijo et al. 1241). I know of a different friend who is showing such elements due to low self-esteem. My friend seems focused on putting himself. Social interaction always seems hard for my friend. People wait for too long before getting …

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