Health Care Systems

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Health Care Systems

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Healthcare Delivery Systems
The role of healthcare delivery system varies in various healthcare settings. Healthcare is currently delivered in health institutions, homes, and other places. The healthcare delivery system seeks to ensure that quality healthcare is delivered in all health institutions. The main role of a health care delivery system that has been emphasized is the reduction of cost. The healthcare delivery system is tasked with ensuring affordable health care to everyone. It is a role that has gained widespread attention due o the expensive nature of quality healthcare in some places.
Reducing the number of hospitals is a way that the delivery healthcare system has undertaken to ensure an affordable health care cost. Reduction in the number of health institutions would lead to an increase in home care and other places besides hospitals (Kovner, Knickman & Jonas, 2011). It would be a cheaper option for an individual to be treated at home than seek treatment in a hospital, which would result in additional cost. The cost of healthcare in a hospital would also be reduced by decreasing the time spent by a patient waiting for treatment. It is a role that the healthcare delivery system has also undertaken to ensure that patients do not spend extra time in a hospital when seeking treatment. The home-care industry has emerged as an alternative health care delivery system with many people getting accustomed to it over time due to low cost…

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