Health Argumentative essay

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Health Argumentative essay

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Student’s Name
Instructor’s Name
To: General Manager
From: Human Resource
Date: December 8, 2018
Subject: Additional Benefits to the Organization Employees
Following a review of our current employees’ benefits and compensation, I write to inform you about a new additional benefit that I feel would be most appropriate for our employees. It is evident that our company has the best workforce and therefore it would be essential to come up with various strategies to ensure we retain them. As such, I propose an additional benefit that would entice them and hence minimize labor turnover and losing our most valuable human resource to our competitors. It would be essential to give our workers paid vacations, holidays, and sick leave to provide them with ample time to celebrate with their families. It is evident that most of our competitors are offering these benefits and therefore our firm is lagging behind and puts us at risk of losing our valuable resource.
Additionally, our company is an established organization and therefore providing our employees with such benefits would not cost us much revenue. According to Němečková (694), the success of an organization depends on the level of motivation an enterprise provides to its employees. As such, a benefits package tailored towards providing our workforce with good vacation and holiday benefits would attract and retain a quality workforce. Additionally, it will create a pool of dedicated wo…

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