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Head to Toe Assessment
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Head to Toe assessment is the physical examination often performed on patients to acquire information about their physical health. Often, it is carried out by nurses but, the assessment may be performed any qualified health practitioner. It is important to note that Head to Toe Assessment is mostly performed on adult patients. Also, nurses without this knowledge are required to undergo training to acquire Head to Toe Assessment skills (Jensen & Jensen, 2001). These skills are necessary when nurses encounter patients before sending them to a doctor. In point of fact, Head to Toe Assessment is considered the most vital aspect while examining a patient. Before performing this physical examination, nurses are required to have a stethoscope, an otoscope, penlight, tongue depressors, measuring equipment, fragrance, cotton balls, tuning fork and monofilaments (Jensen & Jensen, 2001). In this paper, I will critically perform a Head to Toe Assessment performed on a 35-year-old male adult patient.
Head to Toe Assessment
Arrange Equipment
As prior mentioned, equipment is necessary for Head to Toe Assessment. Before I meet my patient, I ensure that I have arranged and organized my equipment accordingly.
Wash hands
It is important for me first to wash my hands before handling my patient. Failure to clean and wash my hands increases the chances of spreading disease (Beebe & Funk, 2001). The …

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