Harrison Bergeron

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Harrison Bergeron

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Harrison Bergeron
“Harrison Bergeron” is a short story authored by Kurt Vonnegut in 1961. To be precise, the story is classified under the science-fiction genre. The protagonist, Harrison Bergerson, is held by the government due to his extreme intelligence quotient. It is unfortunate that the government forces him to wear a radio that hinders his ability to think (Thomas 162). Vonnegut’s main aim of publishing the story was to debate the elements of equality in contemporary America. Throughout his book, he employs satire in analyzing the issues favored by egalitarians. Vonnegut’s book has been a great influence on those individuals that do not support absolute equality. In point of fact, the book also constitutes of matters concerning the drawbacks of equality (Werlock & James 310-313). This paper critically gives an overview of Vonnegut’s sociological and political analysis of his book.
It is salient to note that the book gives insight on matters of equality in early America; as well as the present day America. The political nature of Vonnegut’s book dictates that all individuals should be rendered equal (Boon 188). Clearly, this upholds egalitarianism which ensures that no one in society is considered more superior to others. The policies of America believe that each person is equal thus they should be treated in the same way. In “Harrison Bergeron”, Vonnegut examines the issue of …

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