Haiti Culture revised

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Haiti Culture revised

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Haiti Culture
Haiti Culture
Country: Haiti
Topic: Haiti culture
Specific Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To win the audience to travel to Haiti
Thesis: making a visit to Haiti is worth in order to learn more about its rich culture.
Patently, people like travelling, learning, and knowing about the culture of other countries in order to make a comparison with their own country. Notably, by travelling to other states, individuals get a chance to learn about other states. In view of this, making a visit to Haiti is worth in order to learn more about its rich culture.
First Main Idea: One of the reasons why people should visit Haiti is to learn more about its strongly preserved traditions.
Sub-point 1: Irrefutably, a visit during any of the festive season, one gets a chance to witness an ancient ritual being performed as it used to be performed during the early days.
First sub-point of A: One of the rituals a visitor is likely to witness is the voodoo ceremonies. Remarkably, the ceremonies in questions involve performances that honor nature.
Second Sub-point of A: Interestingly, a visit during this ceremonial season, one gets to witness and learn more about the voodoo priests.
B: Second sub-point 2: Then at around Easter time, the visitors get the chance to witness the country’s largest annual festival – the carnival.
First sub-point of B: The festival is held countrywide.
Second sub-point of B: Markedly, the celebra…

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