hacker Culture and Mitigation

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hacker Culture and Mitigation

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Title: Sony Cyber Attack (2014)
Thesis: The cyber-attack on Sony in 2014 led to a substantial loss of confidential data and was perpetuated by the political stand of the film “The Interview” that the firm was set to release.
The Sony corporation as a stakeholder in the film industry
Hacking activities and the Sony cyber-attack
Thesis statement
Cybercrime and Cyber warfare
Distinction between cybercrime and cyber warfare
Analysis of the Sony cyber-attack
Classification of the attack as cybercrime or cyberwar fare
Individuals and organizations behind cyber-attacks
Which are the major categories of cyber-attackers?
What drives the attackers?
Role of the attackers in the Sony cyber-attack incident
What is the role of third parties in cybercrimes?
Prevention and Mitigation of Cybercrimes
Prevention of Cybercrime
How can organizations prepare and prevent occurrence of cyber-attacks
Who are the major stakeholders in preventing against cyber-attacks
What is the motivation to for preventing such attacks?
Mitigation Measures
What are the measures that organizations can utilize to prevent the occurrence of cyber-attacks?
How can organizations discourage hackers from targeting their infrastructure and information centers?
Which are the viable approaches in mitigating the impacts of cyber-attacks?
Analysis of the Sony Cyber-attack Incident
Implications of the stolen data
Where do hackers post their loot?
Are there organizations that ben…

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