Gun Control Policy

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Gun Control Policy

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Should gun control policy be adopted in the US?
The debate on whether gun control policy should be adopted fully in the US has gained popularity in the recent past. The debate is considered lively and vital towards the realization of the amicable solution to wrongful gun usage that is becoming a matter of great concern. The debate is executed among individuals of different age groups including students, policy makers, gun owners and law enforcers. It takes place virtually in various gatherings, friends meetings, and organized forums. Similarly, the debate is major between those who support gun ownership and those who hold the view that it is a time the law is reviewed.
According to Agresti (1), the debate on whether gun control policy or anti-gun laws should be adopted is attributable to some reasons. The first reason is the rising cases of mass shootings that have been evident in the recent past in various locations including schools. Many students and civilians have died irresponsibly due to the wrong usage of guns with the latest incident being the incident at San Bernardino, California where over 14 people have been reported dead while over 17 people are wounded (Turkewitz 1). The second reason is the rising trend of intolerance among gun holders. Such incidences of gun misuse are fuelling disquiet among stakeholders in the nation and other states. The disquiet is leading to the affirmation by many individuals about …

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