Gun Control #2

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Gun Control #2

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Gun control. Many people around the globe have argued that the solution of terminating violent criminal activities is through clearing more regulation of guns. The significant questions underlying all gun control policy arguments are: Do the laws encourage or deter crime? What is the overall effect? Are more lives helped in the process or lost? Therefore, Anecdotal evidence cannot be applied in this debate. In the United States, citizens have the freedom to handle their personal concealed handgun if they can prove that they do not have a clinical history of critical mental illness or have a criminal profile in the police records. Apparently, this is listed in the constitution, and it is termed as shall-issue law (Carlson, 23).

Mustard David reviewed the FBI past crime records for the entire American States from 1978 to 1993. His findings were dramatic. From the crime statistics, it showed that by allowing people to acquire concealed handguns the States reduced rape by 5%, killings by 8.5%, robbery and gangs related crimes by 7.1% and aggravated assaults cases by 7.2%. Indeed, this shows that the downside of shall-issue laws is that violent crime rate reduced while property offences such as larceny and auto theft increased (Lott, 256). The advantages of licensed guns are not enclosed to the one who possess them or utilize them in self-defence. But, the reality that these guns are genuine keeps goons or robbers unsure as to whether a prime victim has a weapon and can defend hi…

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