Good and Bad Teachers

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Good and Bad Teachers

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Good and Bad Teachers
There is more in a teacher than just the high professionalism that people advocate for. What make students wait anxiously for the start of a given lesson and hating being in another teacher’s class? Of course, there is need for a high level of professionalism in the subject a teacher is required to teach the students, but when it get to a point of being a good or a bad teacher, professionalism is not always the weightiest factor of all. A good teacher is one who uses the individual approach to each student in a class while ensuring that the students adapt to the class and ensuring that each student develop the required discipline and respect of the thoughts of other people. A good teacher should portray the feelings of natural human beings at the presence of students and show some emotional response. For example, a teacher may be professionally good enough, but if he or she is not able to take constructive criticism from the students or he or she does not give better explanations on why he or she thinks his or her answer is right, then he is definitely a teacher that creates huge boundaries between the students and teacher. Moreover, a lack of emotional contact may make the lesson unsuccessful, since most of the students may not be involved in the lesson. If a teacher treats students like people that are equal to him or her and gives equal explanations to each student’s questions, it can be a pointer of being a …

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