Gods in the Iliad

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Gods in the Iliad

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The Gods behavior in the Iliad
In this essay, we aim to extract some sense to the Greek gods’ behavior using the Iliad as our guide. It is important to note that in classic Greek literature, and poetry, the gods frequently intervened in man’s affairs. Throughout the poem, Homer shows how the lives of men, are intertwined with the gods will, as they intervene in their affairs whenever they see fit (Ylmaz 2). These interventions, aimed to protect their favored champions, often changed the turns of the battle, and the human destiny. Upon seeing that, we might think that the Greek gods act whimsically, using men as tools to achieve their earthly goals, and that gods as conceived by Greek mythology are not heroic, or godly. Nevertheless, it is important to note that “Greeks did not always think of their gods, in the same way, many Americans think of God. In the usual Judeo-Christian way of thinking” (Webster 1).
To Greeks, gods were not omnipresent, and omnipotent deities, instead, they corresponded to human archetypes. For instance, Ares is the god of war and battles. In a strict sense, he is an insightful and cunning deity, but his power is not infinite, and can be bested by men with the help of another god. Moreover, Greek gods are not away from suffering, as they have the same feelings as mortals. That is why in book V, Ares laments his intervention in the battle after Diomedes wounds him in battle…

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