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Gods and Generals movie

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Gods and Generals Movie Review
Gods and Generals is an American art of drama film showcasing civil war outbreak. It was written and directed in 2003 by Ronald Maxwell. The film featured the following stars; Robert Duvall characterized as General Robert Lee; Stephen Lang as General Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson and Jeff Daniels as Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Chamberlain (Shaara and Jeff, 22). The movie explains an explicitly touching story of one of the events in the American history that will go down in ages remembered. These events influenced the American people and the nation at large. It forms the basis of their solid bond as states merged and civil war ended never to be witnessed again. The movie targets the youths and future generations who memorize the events well and wish not to have a repeat of the same again. In conjunction to this, the paper walks through the Gods and General movie in an attempt to uncover its objectives and whether the author achieved the thesis. The analysis incorporates the exploration of prominent points supporting the primary goal of the Gods and Generals Movie (Maxwell, Ronald, Diana Landau, Robertson, Frye, and Frank, 25).
The Plot
The movie centers on the main character Thomas Jonathan ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, who is God fearing and brilliant Confederate military general. In the American civil war outbreak in 1863.In May this year, while on a ride wit…

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