God and Philosophers, or the writer choice.

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God and Philosophers, or the writer choice.

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God and Philosophers
Despite the fact that people have tried to be righteous it has proved to be difficult for the believers to be intellectually healthy Christians. Some people still continue to question themselves on the origin of religion and Christianity. Believing in invisible powers is another question that has continued to puzzle several people. Although there are several questions that remain unanswered as far as religion is concerned several people still believe in God and other supernatural powers. In this excerpt, I will examine why it is difficult, but ultimately not impossible to be an intellectually healthy Christian.
Hume’s Natural History of Religion
According to Hume, the improvement of people and the whole society from their bad actions such as idolatry marked the beginning of religion. In around 1,700 years ago human beings used to be a polytheist. Since there are no symbols of any true religion several people, have remained to be a polytheist. In most places those who believe in religion have continued to give confusing testimonies to the same facts. And this is clear evidence of polytheism in human beings (Hume 4). Despite the fact that people discovered the truth they still fell into errors the moment they acquired their ability to learn and politeness.
The other reason it is difficult for people to be intellectually healthy Christians is because the number of ignorant people has increased and some of …

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