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The President’s address on the raging crisis in the Persian Gulf reveals the intervention of the US army in ending the long due standoff in the region. Member states in the United Nations intervention aim at creating a new world order that allows other states to intervene in matters that threaten the peace in the regions as a way of boosting the international relations. Further, in his speech, President George Bush has indicated the pros of having a new partnership among the nations which oversaw the success of ending the Persian Gulf crisis. This cooperation seeks to let free states from terror activities, push for swift and timely justice and above all uphold peaceful coexistence within the region. Towards the globalization efforts, the US remains at the forefront to ensure that international conventions are adhered to in a bid to stricken the economic growth across the globe. Economic prosperities in individual states cannot be used to exploit the weaker economies at their watch. Globalization also helps in refining strategic leadership abilities. While all these interventions remains a priority, leaders need to steer development in their regions.
Globalization seeks to address a couple of challenging situations, and this comes at a strict cost. The budgetary allocations to these courses at the expense of promoting development. This poses a significant effect on the budgetary allocations in fiscal years for the US governme…

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