Global Warming : The Reality

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Global Warming : The Reality

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Global Warming – A Reality
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Global Warming is a reality that is faced by everyone living on the face of the Earth. The development of different changes that includes the enhancement of temperatures, the rise of sea levels, melting ice-caps and glaciers, changes in the ecological diversity of plants and animals presents a serious threat of living for everyone regardless of borders or species. These conditions can be tackled with scientific and managerial outlooks. On scientific grounds, it is quite important to develop energy efficient machines that rely on green and renewable energy resources. Besides that, fossil fuels usage should have to be minimized while increasing forestation to cope up with carbon dioxide emissions from different sources. For solving the issues, the governments and international environmental protection bodies should have to prop up their efforts for saving the environment. Development of better and strict legislatures for assessing carbon emission and carbon footprint should have to be implemented for better and secured future.

Global Warming – A Reality
Scientific innovations and industrialization have brought significant changes in human life. On one side, innovations have brought about better life-style for human beings; however, it has also brought about some damaging aspects for the environment. Global warming is one of those severe issues that are quite comm…

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