Global citizenship and globalism

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Global citizenship and globalism

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Global Citizenship and Globalism
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Annotated Bibliography: Global Citizenship and Globalism
Jooste, N., & Heleta, S. (2017). Global Citizenship Versus Globally Competent Graduates: A Critical View From the South. Journal Of Studies In International Education, 21(1), 39-51. doi:10.1177/1028315316637341
In this article, Jooste and Heleta critically examine concepts of global citizenship and globalism in a world fraught with several historical injustices and untamed structural inequalities. The duo does their analysis from the perspective of higher education and suggests that school should focus on producing globally competent graduates who understand their positions in developing a better tomorrow beyond their national and regional borders. This source is credible and relevant and will provide evidence to support my arguments.
Tawil, S. (2013). Education for ‘Global Citizenship’: A framework for discussion. Education Research and Foresight: Working papers UNESCO, this working paper, Sobhi Tawil, a senior program specialist at the UNESCO, explores the idea of global citizenship and globalism from an educational perspective. He argues that global citizenship is a contested notion and education should help people forge ahead in developing societies that are all-inclusive, tolerant, peaceful, and just. Tawil understands global citizenship as the idea of moving beyo…

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