Gilded Age Labor

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Gilded Age Labor

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Gilded Age Labor
Rose Schneiderman talks about how at the beginning of her employment they did a lot of work earning five dollars a week. She talks about how the amount would have been more but they provided their machines, and the amount was deducted from their salaries. Later she joined another factory, and there they made more, but the workload was more than her previous job. All the ladies felt that they were underworked and their bosses wanted better quality products. She was still able to earn five dollars a week but was not satisfied with the amount and wanted to make changes.
Rose, explains how the demise of her father forced her to quit school to take care of her younger siblings as her mother worked from 7 am to 6 pm. She did not have a normal childhood since she had no time to play with other children since she was busy with family chores. This, however, did not negatively affect her since she was not very familiar with the country. She passed her time reading and at times took walks in the street. Her circumstances changed her personal life as she was forced to grow up at a young age.
The girls from the factory knew they needed to change their working conditions, but no one dared to be brave enough until Miss Brout showed up. She was accompanied by Rose and another girl when they approached the National Board of United Cloth Hat and Cao Makers asking to be organized. They succeeded and were in a union that helped negotiate their s…

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