Generational Diversity

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Generational Diversity

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Generational Diversity.
Nursing as a field has seen an ever-constant inclusion of individuals from different generations to work as a team towards the completion of a particular task. Since the profession has almost every member from the four generations that is the veterans, baby boomers, Generation Xers and the millennials each of this category has its way of communication, expectations, and way of doing things (Stokowski n.p). Therefore, when these distinct generations find themselves together in a team, the level of collaboration may be ineffective especially when there is no proper medium for addressing the challenges that come with such a team. Although some generational differences are slightly distinct, some are more critical and can result in impeding teamwork. Areas exhibiting a wide berth among these generations include the varying skills gaps, view on the work environment, formality expectations and communication styles (Stokowski n.p).
The disparity in technology fluency between veterans, baby boomers, and the digitally native millennials can also be a source of workplace conflict. Regarding formality, a significant difference exists between baby boomers and millennials which can make the former label the later as disrespectful thus resulting to team ineffectiveness. Millennials and baby boomers also tend to have trouble in working together due to the existence of a broad skills gap. This report thus provides a…

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