Gender Identity Disorder

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Gender Identity Disorder

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Gender Identity Disorder
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At birth, every child’s gender is chosen by their assigned sex, which is female or male. The environmental for male or female are similar development except the sex and physical transformation. Gender identity disorder or transsexualism is defined by strong and persistent feelings of identification with the opposite gender and discomfort birth sex they were assigned, these individuals will endure severe distress, anxiety, physical discomfort, societal development, values, and norms. In this paper, examples of such similar preferences of gender identity disorder, the early ages of transgender is fully formed and psychologists can help a person to understand and accepts the gender that he/she was assigned.
The exact causes of gender identity disorders are unknown, but experts believe that hormonal conditions in the womb, social, environmental and genetic factors are some of the contributing factors. The condition has been known to occur in both children and adults in very rare. Moreover, there are nonexistent data on the prevalence of the disorder, but certain reports in Europe suggests that there are approximately one in every thirty thousand and one in every hundred thousand males and females respectively that seek sex-change operations (Sims, 2004). In children, the onset of cross-gender activities and interests commences at two years of age; however, only a small number of ch…

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