Gender and Sexuality

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Gender and Sexuality

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Assumptions on Gender and Sexuality
We are living in the era that each one of us has his or her inference mechanism on what they view in the society. For instance, there is extreme sexual profiling in our culture today such that it has blinded us to a level of having different notions of gender and sexuality (Brown 460). Most of us take little bits of behaviors or appearance to make broader opinions on issues of gender and sexuality in the society. Below follows a detailed enumeration of the assumptions that I have always made on gender and sexuality.
Gender and sexuality have been a social construction according to me. The society only sets most of the gender stratification traits. What the society takes to be masculine or feminine has remained to be that despite the massive awareness in the media today. I have always assumed that what the society has perceived to be related to men remains that way. Some jobs are only perceived by the society to belong to men only and women are alienated from taking part in such tasks. For instance, women were only supposed to stay at home and look after their families while men were to provide for the family.
Besides, I have an assumption that physical appearance of an individual determines the gender and sexuality of a person. There are physical traits associated with a particular gender so to say. For instance, when a woman dresses clothes socially perceived to belong to men, they are conside…

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