Gender Advertisements

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Gender Advertisements

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Gender Advertisements
Gender Advertisements can be described as images used in ads that describe the stereotypical gender displays and roles. Gender displays are mainly used in the ads to set up the task of one gender compared to the other. Gender advertisements guide behavior, thinking, and acting as individuals embrace ideas through visuals. The motives on how to behave, feel, dress, look, and our interaction with other women and men are the basis of the culture we practice.
Men and women in the gender ads are portrayed in ways which prolong limiting, unrealistic and stereotypical perceptions. There are decorative portrayals whereby beautiful bodies and faces have been used. However, women have been portrayed more than men in the decorative roles which do not give realistic depiction concerning the role of female gender. Media has reinforced several characterizations of masculinity whereby men are portrayed as independent, tough, sexually aggressive, unafraid, hard, and no feminism in them. Rarely are men presented when cooking, house making, and when caring for other people which creates the stereotype that men are usually uninvolved in the care for family life (Barthel-Bouchier, 10). Also, women images in the media tend to create stereotypes that are far from reality. Women are presented as thinner and younger than men in the whole population, and many as dependent on men and passive.
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