Gen Y and Boomer

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Gen Y and Boomer

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Gen Y and Boomer
Gen Y and Boomer
What motivates Baby Boomers and the Gen Y?
Both the Baby Boomers and Gen why are motivated by their desire for incentives in the place of employment such as seeking new experiences, giving back to the society and handling challenging roles.
Why are they similar?
The two generation are similar because they are both seek what Hewlett (2009) refers to as odyssey. They desire to gain new experiences and tasks that involve moving around the world. They involvement in jobs is driven by the desire to discover the meaning of life. Moreover, they value rewards more than the pay package. They also desire to work in companies that value flexibility and stretch their potential and abilities. As a result, they find tasks that enable them to gain knowledge and are challenging to be comforting. Moreover, they desire to work in teams consisting of people from a diverse environment and who committed to their roles. Lastly, they both want to work with the employer who allows them to give back to the society.
What motivates Gen X?
Gen X is motivated by the desire to maximize their pay package
Why? How is Gen X different?
According to Hewlett (2009), they are 23% less likely to see compensation as a source of motivation in their work. Gen X is more traditionally oriented such that they do not value compensation as much as Gen Y and the Boomers. Their inclination to the size of their pay is contributed by the fact that they have …

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