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from the short story

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The Other Two
The other two is a story about a woman that has been married and divorced by two men and she just got married to the third husband. The woman, Alice, has a daughter that she had when she was married to her first husband (Wharton 11). The daughter’s father insists to see the daughter even when she is sick and he actually moved to New York in order to get closer to his daughter. The second husband, Varick, is a successful businessman and has some kind of friendship with Waythorn, who is the current husband. The order of events in the story is comical in a way and Waythorn believes that marrying Alice is some sort of Business.
In the story, Waythorn believed that he was a part of a syndicate and he owned a third of her wife since the other two thirds were owned by the first and the second husbands. He also believes he was in some kind of business partnership with those that had married her before him. That is not fair to his wife. That is because it portrays her to be an object that is passed from one person to another. He also tries to imply that she still has some connections with her first and second husband and that is why Waythorn is not as happy as he expected to be. That also implies that her former husbands had made her experienced in a way and that implies that the former husbands had made her better for him. He believes that each of the husbands has a share in her and that is very wrong. That is bec…

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