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Science is the cause of so many inventions by curious research scientists. Over the years discoveries have been made that have mostly left individuals wondering what heights of intelligence some people got as blessings. It is these scientific ventures that leads Mary Shelley to write the book, Frankenstein. The scientist Victor Frankenstein out of his love for science and as a very bright student of his lecturers decides to invent a human creature whom he equally refers to as a monster. His interaction and reactions towards this beast become the primary focus of this paper. Furthermore, a discussion on how scientific ethics comes into play gets done.

Shelley(46-47) states that Victor Frankenstein was a very studious student at the university. Before joining the school, he was so fascinated by experiments that involved chemistry. As soon as he entered college, he got a professor who helped redirect his fascinations and imaginations into real aspects of the surrounding. Through this support and encouragement from his professor, his love for science led him to the creation of another human creature whom he gave life and made exist like the rest of the beings created by God. At the beginning as the production takes shape, Victor became fathomed at how beautiful his creature was hence describing it with so much passion. However, this monster becomes the source of distress to Frankenstein. As soon as he sees the beast, he took his time to create with so much zeal diff…

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