four ways thecostitution has impacted criminal law

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four ways thecostitution has impacted criminal law

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Four Ways the Constitution has Impacted Criminal Law
America has grown and evolved which has led to various amendments to the constitution. Also, the constitutional amendments have had a significant impact on criminal law. Various concepts such as declaration under penalty, Miranda rights, own recognizance, and Pre-Trial Interventions have shaped the process of criminal justice. Currently, criminal law has become a diverse area which provides suspects with various rights they previously did not enjoy.
Declaration under penalty of a jury is a concept in criminal justice that involves the signing of a statement sworn to be true that will render the accused guilty if the statement is verified to be false. Under criminal law, the falsity of a declaration shall provide sufficient information for conviction while the defendant is under oath.
The United States supreme court developed Miranda rights during the case of Miranda versus Arizona. The concept states that any person being interrogated must receive a Miranda warning (Rich, Lisa, & Howard 688). The concept exists to restrain the police from taking advantage of the accused who does not fully understand their rights.
Own recognizance is a concept in criminal law where in case of less serious crimes, the defendant may get out of jail by promising to appear in court without paying bail. However, it only applies to people with no history of non-appearance, steady…

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