Foundations for Liability

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Foundations for Liability

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Foundations for Liability
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Tort Law
Tort law is the type of law applied by the court to relieve the individuals who have been harmed by other people’s wrongful acts. The individual who suffers the damage is called the plaintiff while the person who causes the injury is named the defendant (Cane, 2007). Criminal law deals with the wrongful act by which the government has perceived as a crime.
In criminal law, there must be provided a standard proof beyond the doubt due to the imposition of the convictions such as fine and jail terms. The criminal law deals with the state versus an individual while the tort law involves two individuals.
Three Types of Tort Cases
Intentional Tort Case
It is torts case where there is the intention to interfere with a person or property, and the offender commits the act knowingly (Cane, 2007). The actions can cause injury to another person. The plaintiff has to provide a proof that the behavior act was intentional.
Negligence Tort Case
It is the case whereby there is the contributory negligence by which the plaintiff negligence may have contributed to the damage or injuries. However, the plaintiff can be given the freedom to take action against the defendant.
Product Liability
It is a tort law case that provides the product manufacturer with the responsibility to ensure product safety during its consumption. The unsafe products should facilitate the damage recovery.
Other Types of Liabilities

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