Foundational reading skills

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Foundational reading skills

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Foundational reading skills
Foundational reading skills
The lesson on reading skills promotes the development of phonological knowledge among students. The study helps students to demonstrate their understanding of syllables, sounds,and spoken words. They also produce and recognize rhyming words effectively. The foundational reading skill focusses on the recognition of sounds in language studies. Students start by identifying the word count in a spoken sentence. They can, therefore, improve their knowledge on how to construct a sentence. At the secondary level, the learner starts mastering skills which include the recognition of syllables and rhyming words (Osborn and Chard, 2014). The lesson promotes phonological knowledge by enabling learners to blend sounds to make a complete sentence and segment the words in a sentence.
The lesson also promotes phonics knowledge which includes an understanding the relationship between words and symbols. Reading skills help to introduce learners to spelling and sound patterns explicitly and separately. The teachers can also monitor students carefully and help them mastering of concepts. The teacher presents spelling and sound patterns respectively which also creates a better understanding of phonics (, 2018). The teacher is in a position to select the readable texts for the student because she is the direct instructor. Foundation reading helps students to separate written words into single sounds …

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