Fossil Fuels versus Renewable Energy

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Fossil Fuels versus Renewable Energy

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Fossil Fuels versus Renewable Energy

Scientific and Technical Concepts of Electricity Production
Electricity is produced from fossil fuels in a fossil fuel power plant. The fuels such oil, natural gas or coal are burned in the fossil fuel plant to generate steam which drives large turbines that produce electricity (Larcher & Tarascon, 2015). The turbines generate electricity by rotating coils in a magnetic field. The main renewable sources of electricity include geothermal energy, wave power, hydroelectric power and wind turbines. Hydroelectric power is produced by the use of the force of flowing water to rotate the electricity-producing turbines. Wind energy is produced through the use of the force of wind to turn electricity-producing turbines. Wave energy is drawn from the kinetic energy of waves by using it to turn electricity-producing turbines (Larcher & Tarascon, 2015). Electricity is produced from geothermal energy by using the heat energy from the earth’s crust to produce steam that turns electricity-producing turbines.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy Sources
The advantages of fossil fuels in electricity production include the capacity to generate large amounts of electricity in a single location, the cost-effectiveness of some like coal as well as the possibility of constructing fossil fuel power plants in any location (Abas, Kalair & Khan, 2015). They are however needed in large amounts an…

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