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No, we cannot get rid the concepts of freedom from our daily vocabulary. The Case against Free Will provides a good reason why a person needs to be responsible with what they do. The sensation of crime is developed through outstanding actions of reporting senseless matters according to unpopular causes (Skinner, 98). This notion provides some free support for the ideas that are free. The concepts of freedom are described based on the ability to control and limiting the effectiveness and knowledge of a person in daily life. In ordinary life, many people are tied on individual responsibility and cannot do what they want freely — the constraint in life control ability of the person by infringing some rules. As such, many people are not free to do what they want in life. Every proposition of freedom is developed Aristotle of laws to check whether it is true or false. This helps in evaluating fatality of the problem through assumption. God’s omniscience generates some concepts of determinism through human freedom.
Many lawyers admit that some guilty individuals in the court proceeding are insane based on human characters. Intelligence people are responsible for their roles in all sensational environments. This increases cases of the riot in the community where people demonstrate in the name of freedom. The philosophy knowledge is developed through primary arguments that create appeals based on physic principles…

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