Foreign Oil Dependence

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Foreign Oil Dependence

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The Argument for Foreign Oil Dependence
Throughout history many nations have strived vigorously to maintain energy independence. Nations have feared that relying on other nations for valuable energy will leave them week and thus vulnerable to attack, invasion and conquest. Limited energy has been the downfall of many great nations. In a book by Daniel Yergin, entitled “The Prize: the Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power”, the author depicts how many countries have lost wars due to a lack of oil CITATION Dan081 l 1033 (Yergin). One infamous example was that of WW II Germany. Germany, like most of Europe, is rich in coal but lacks oil. Coal is fine for energy but fighting WW II required oil to move tanks and planes. When Germany began to run out that is the point when they began to lose the war. This is an alarming thought; perhaps it was a dependence on foreign oil that was the Nazi’s ultimate downfall.
The topic, as it has always been, is at the forefront of many geopolitical debates. The United States like many other countries are trying vigorously to rid themselves of foreign oil dependence. “In 2014, about 27% of the petroleum consumed by the United States was imported from foreign countries,1 the lowest level since 1985” CITATION USE15 l 1033 (U.S Energy Information Administration). The United States has stated that they hope to be an energy exporter in the near future and thus not be reliant upon external energy e…

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