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Ford Motor Company

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Ford Motor Company
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Ford Motor Company
The 19th amendment of 1919 brought with it great changes and inclusions in most sectors of the American economy. This marked the first time in the history of the United States that women were granted the right to vote. This new found right gave them the political voice that they had sought for a long time. This new voice also granted women the empowerment to fight for their equality in more areas of life other than just voting. This transition in the history of America gave advertisers a new chance to maximize the freedom of women. Thus, they found a leeway to escalate their sales, as they could target more audiences (Eyewitness to History, 2000). At the time, the automobile industry was also a new, popular and most revolutionary industry in the market, and it had a golden opportunity of alluring female customers.
The Ford Motor Company was the first automobile company to take advantage of this great change and include female preferences in its production of vehicles. The Ford Motor Company achieved this by manufacturing of shiny cars, which fascinated and charmed women. The Ford Motor Company also included female characters in its advertisements. The company also used adverts to bring out the newly hard-earned freedom that women had been seeking for a long time by using lines and phrases to stress on the freedom of women (The Henry Ford, 2012).
In the same decade, the company produced the Model T…

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