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For clean energy

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Energy conservation
Fossil fuels are accountable for over 85% of fuel use in the US. It is the main source of energy, and many sectors rely entirely on them. Fossil fuels mainly used are oil, coal and natural gas. They are very expensive for example labor costs to mine coal or drilling oil, labor, materials to make energy, generating plants and transporting the coal and oil to the sites. Eventually, we are the ones who cover this expense through electricity bills or in gasoline purchase prices. Real costs of fossil fuels are masked by the set pricing systems and consequences are damaged the economy and human health.
The environmental effects of fossil fuels are many
Global warming- due to emissions of carbon dioxide heat is trapped in the atmosphere. If this continues, the earth will become warmer over the next century.
Air pollution – This is retention of quality air that is clean and essentially good for our health and life. Pollutants such as carbon monoxide can cause headaches and expose people with heart disease to immense stress.
Water and land pollution – such are oil spills that leave waterways and shores uninhabitable. Coal mining material that is left on the plants is acidic. They both lead to loss of human and plant life.
Thermal pollution – this is an effect of burning fossil fuels that emit heat energy, and when heat are released to the environment or water, the heated water upsets the aquatic life.
There are new alter…

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