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food element

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Food and culture
Switzerland is well known for the best wine harvest in the whole world. Wine growing in the country has therefore attracted more tourists due to its exceptional landscape. The direct sun, heat stored in the walls of the view, and lake rays reflections, enable the grapes to benefit large and hence give a good harvest. Besides, the walls of the landscape play a significant role in caring the vines and ensuring the stability of the scene. These ideal conditions help grapes growers harvest more, make a good profit, and attract more visitors to the country.
Wine growers who include both the local artists and the public are traditionarily recognized, and a festival is performed. The festival is based on the traditional theme including seasonal cycle, working the earth, and brotherhood. Before the celebration is conducted, members volunteer themselves in the preparations for it. The preparations are keenly done since the festival is performed after a long period. This festival is believed to be a living tradition of the Vevey’s residents. Therefore, a theatrical celebration of local wine growers is a must in every year for the people of Swaziland. During the festival, prizes are presented to the best winegrower. Songs and dances are also performed. Besides, there is also a procession by the participants to the town which creates awareness to the public. The festival includes only winegrowers and the people in that community. Th…

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