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Using Excel
Before reading through Chapter 4: A Picture Is Really Worth a Thousand Words, I had little idea about using Excel. The only functionality about Excel that I was aware of was its ability to perform calculations and fill numeric data when one wishes to come up with a list of the events. Besides, it was general knowledge, and my practical skills with the application were almost none. I had interacted with the software ones when I tried to come up with a datasheet for people in my church group and arrange them as per their ages. When I started reading, I was amazed that Excel could perform sophisticated functions such as data analysis, create histograms, polygons, and other data analysis graphs, one could perform calculations using SKEW and KURT functions. Moreover, one could generate graphs to represent any variables as long as there was data keyed into the software. I started appreciating the significance of illustrating data, computing the measure of a central tendency among other statistical analysis parameter and using difference illustration chart to represent statistical data.
According to Salkind (2016), the first basic skill I was to learn was creating a frequency distribution table as it was the first step when illustrating data. After learning how to come up with a frequency distribution table, I learned how to create a Histogram representing my frequency distribution data and their frequencies. The pictures in the Salkind’s (2016) book were beneficial…

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