Flint Town Series Review

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Flint Town Series Review

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Flint Town Series Review
Flint Town is a well-made documentary series about Flint Town. The series takes the viewers in a place that they wouldn’t want to visit because of constant problems. It portrays the crisis of Flint, a city in Michigan which has been termed in the movie as one of the most violent regions in the U.S. (Antrim n.p.) In the past, Flint used to be a prosperous middle-class town but currently, it is full of abandoned households and rampant cases of criminals. Even with numerous felonies, police officers take hours to respond because, as portrayed in the initial episode, they have no resources and workforce like other cities in the U.S.
The police department is full of racial tensions. Specifically, the office is multiracial, headed by a black police chief (Antrim n.p.). The series shows daily problems that the city police department experience as it strives to eliminate relationship issues resulting from class and race differences. The series is so fascinating to watch and at the same time, challenging. Even though the police chief establishes a tactical plan to deal with high crimes, his police officers act in manners which reveal a lot of harassments. For instance, at one roll call, one officer watch a video of two murder victims but shows no sympathy hence, creating a wrong impression about the department.
The main flaw of this show is that it reveals less content on the investigations and arrests…

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