Finding Myself in Florida

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Finding Myself in Florida

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Finding Myself in Florida
Looking back to my seventeen-year self, I realized he lacked the motivation and determination to succeed in college. I could blame my parents for signing me, but my unpreparedness was bigger than my eagerness to experience college life. Consequently, even waiting a year would not have given me the goals and the adequate mindset to make it work for me.
Hence, I decided my life needed a change and moved with my parents to St. Augustine, Florida. There, I found myself looking for a job to support myself and after enrolling in a construction boot camp course, a job appeared almost immediately. In the beginning, the work routine of waking up early was taxing, but it paid off as I was able to support myself, which gave me a sense of purposefulness and fulfillment.
Later on, during my days off work, a friend introduced me to surfing. It was quite strange at the beginning because who would have thought that kid from New Jersey would be good at that. However, I started to spend my free time with the waves, and I could feel how I was beginning to change, not only from the outside but the inside as well. As my body strengthen, so did my spirit, and I started feeling ready to take new challenges as I started feeling how everything fell into place. Today I am fortunate to have a local surfing company observing me with the hopes of being sponsored.
Consequently, if everything turns out as well as it has, I would open my own business. I have many i…

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